Phlogopite Mica Tape - Its Major Applications

Mica Tape And Composition:

So, let's see how mica tape is formed. Mica tape on a fibreglass backing is comprised of a fine-grade phlogopite paper impregnated with a specific high temperature-resistant binder and reinforced with fiberglass applied to one side of the mica.

When the mica tape is exposed to high temperatures over the expected heat, its resin content disintegrates without impairing the high-temperature electrical insulation properties of the mica. It has been proven by experiments that mica tape generates zero toxic products, and thus, they do not need any personal protective equipment.

Major Applications For Phlogopite Mica Tape:

Mica is a mineral that has high electrical resistance, is a good thermal conductor with adequate structural strength. Hence, before the development of plastics, mica was used as insulation material for electrical conductors

Why is mica suitable for making electrical appliances

It is an exceptional conductor of heat and an excellent electrical insulation material. Mica is the only solid material that has these benefits

Mica tends to retain its stability over an extensive temperature range. It also has great dielectric properties and is fire resistant, along with a low smoke emission

Many appliances are designed to produce heat quickly and easily by using the principle of convective heat transfer. This heating process involves wound resistance wire, Mica forms the rigid insulation plate for this wire.

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral with several industrial uses. It can also be separated into flakes and recombined into sheets used to make distinctive Mica lamp shades. These lamps bathe a room with a magically welcoming glow.

There are plenty of internet stores where you can find Mica lamp shades at a very reasonable price. . In addition to this there are exciting deals from the manufacturers as well.

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