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Chhaperia family company started mica mining business since year 1959 and diversified into manufacturers and exporters of Mica and Mica-based products such as Mica Tapes, sheets, tubes and washer for Electrical (High voltage insulation) and thermal insulation ( High temperature insulation upto 1000 deg C) for various industries such as wire & Cable, Furnace, Motor, generator etc.. Since last few years Chhaperia diversified into Many varieties of cable tapes used in Cable industries such as Water blocking tape (Non and semi conductive) Fibre glass , Aluminium mylar Polyester tape, Non woven, Yarn and rope etc.., to meet growing need of cable manufacturer in Fiber optics and power cable production. Backed by strong & young leadership along with a focus on exceptional customer service. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of superior quality cable tapes in India, which are available in various dimensional specifications. With a state-of-the-art industrial set up at Bangalore, India spread over 0.3 million Sq meter . Our products are widely used for the applications of fire-survival /flame-resistance cable, Instrumentation and control cable, Power cable, signal cable and many more…

Mica Tapes

Mica Tapes

We manufacture top-class Mica Tapes with a constant aim for high reliability and performance

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Cable Tapes

Water Blocking Tapes

We manufacture top-class, reliability and high performance Water Blocking Tapes

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Mica Products

Semi Conducting Tapes

We manufacture woven and non-woven semi conducting tapes for cable manufacturing companies

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Safety and Quality

Other Cable Tapes

We manufacture fiber glass tape, copper polyester tape, polyester film, aluminium mylar tape... for cable manutacturing

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World-Class Supplier of Mica Products and Cable Tapes of Wide Varieties

Our strength in innovation is reflected not just in our products but also in our manufacturing standards and customer service.


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