Mica Used In Electrical Appliances

The exciting factor about mica is that it is the most deserved friend for your electrical appliances and connections. It acts as the insulation that keeps your devices in check and does not get them out of hand.

With being a match made in heaven, mica and electrics go well with sustaining in the nature of any atmosphere or crowd.

As we know, mica has suitable electrical insulation properties and good heat conduction properties. Mica is extensively used where both properties are required, such as Electric Press, heaters or motors. The Mica happens to isolate the electrical part of the appliance so that it does not produce any shock while operating.

It allows heat to be passed on to the atmosphere through the body of the motor (which prevents overheating of the engine) or to the metal of ironing clothes with cloth iron.

In terms of naturally occurring materials that are available in nature with no chemical processing required, mica has several advantageous properties: in particular, ease of mechanical shaping, good electrical insulation, and high-temperature resistance.

Electrical insulation - A Prime Mica Factor:

The dielectric withstands of the product remains constant in the range of temperature up to 380°C. Dielectric withstand is reduced by half a temperature at 700°C, and reaches 5 kV/mm towards a temperature of range 1000°C.

The fibreglass backing renders the product as a non-combustible, such that there is no resulting thermal input during the conduct of the flame propagation test.

These were significant properties when few engineered materials were available for building electrical components, but mica is still one of the best options available in specific applications.

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