Applications of Mica in Electrical Insulation

About Mica Tapes

Mica Tape is mica paper glued with a special resin to the substrate of glass fiber or polyethylene. Commonly, mica paper to be bonded to the substrate, the epoxy or silicone resins are used. As for this use of resins, it is also known as micanite tapes.

The thickness of mica tape ranges from 0.08 mm to 0.15 mm and width depends on the demand from the client ranging from 4.5 mm to 1000 mm. The thicker tapes of 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm are said to be mica rolls and are made with a standard width of 1000 mm, also the length from 20 m to 50 m. The mica paper used is phlogopite hence they can sustain until the temperature reaches 800°C.

Resistor and Capacitance

Mica usage in resistors and capacitors helps in the improvement of the instrument performance and precision stability of the circuits. As for resistors, a ceramic mica tube is kept wound by the element, helping filter out the unwanted frequency and giving accuracy. When in capacitors, mica is the dielectric component. It helps in increasing the capacitance of the system allowing conductive parts to stay within the electrical barrier and not get into contact with electrics.

Electrical Components

Mica is a component used in a variety of other instruments and electrical systems in power electronics. It is used with transistors to amplify specific signals and block certain of them. As a common insulation component in power diodes, semiconductors and rectifiers, mica is a necessary component. Mica has the potential to insult a semiconductor fully.

Consumer Electronics

Mica also is used in daily life appliances and consumer electronic items. It ensures safety standards and is versatile to suit small factors providing desired results in balance with size, weight, and design.

Bespoke Solutions

Mica is versatile, durable, and has superior electrical and thermal properties. When applied expertise, it has the potential to employ in bespoke applications with the client-suited manufacturer. The research and development teams for the design, prototype, and production of bespoke mica insulation meet the standard and safety for the performance.

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