How to select a good heat resistance Mica Tape ?

First of all, let us try to know, what actually 'Mica' is.? Micas are a group of minerals whose physical characteristic is very outstanding. Individual mica crystals can easily be split into fragile elastic plates. Mica tapes are resistant to every electrical, chemical, and heating property. That serves as an upper hand to it in the usage and preference.

It is made of mica paper, natural phlogopite, known as magnesium silicoaluminate, calcined muscovite or synthetic mica. Then, it is glued with a special resin to the substrate of glass fibre or polyethylene.

Dimensions of Mica Tapes:

Fibreglass-backed phlogopite mica tape has a thickness of about 0.15 mm. It is packaged in tape lengths of 30 linear metres. Such product is available from stock in widths of 5 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm, and an A4 sheet format. The required industry can request these dimensions at the time of making.

The vendor can supply widths up to 1000 mm on personal request and can even provide tapes with an adhesive backing for your use. But the mica tapes of more length usage or format, you must give a request prior.

Fire resistance:

The mineral phlogopite shows quite exceptional flame-resistant characteristics. This accounts for the usage of the mineral while in the production of fire resistance cables in accordance with the following standards, trusted by the industry:

IEC 331, BS 6387 CWZ, DIN 4102 Part 12, NFC 32-070, VDE 0472-814, etc.

For example, the test executed under Belgian standard NB 30.004 provides for testing at the temperature of nearly 900°C for 3 hours, with mechanical impacts at the voltage ranging till 1000 V, which is quite impressive.

Chemical resistance:

Mica water resistant property is impressive, and the mica tape is chemically neutral, non-toxic and entirely free of halogens. Its properties remain intact up to radiation exposure of 109 Rad. It shows excellent resistance to acids and bases and mineral oils and solvents.

Exposure to sulphuric acid is to be prevented. It is resistant to most chemicals and proves a natural non toxicant with limited exposure to acids.

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