What are the features and uses of Water Blocking Tape ?

Water Blocking Tapes protects the cable from accidents and are composed of polyester non-woven fabric, polyacrylate swelling powder. This composition of the tape provides high speed and swelling height. The non-woven fabric is coated with super absorbent polymers using a water-soluble adhesive that guarantees tape performance. Even in wet conditions where water or moisture absorption occurs, this tapes minimizing the penetration of water or moisture.

Water blocking tapes have less thickness with more height when it comes in contact with water making the cable thinner and makes them a better solution for industry related works. The tapes are made of various materials and have changes in thickness, width and length. The core diameters are kept standard while the width and length can be varied according to the requirements.

Main Features of Water Blocking Tapes:

Water blocking tapes offer performance benefits with their main features that are helpful in critical times in industry sectors and elsewhere. The usage and benefits of superior quality absorbance of polymers have enhanced its importance as a water blocking tape. Some features that hold this tape in place are as follows:

  • Swells faster 6 to 20mm in 1 minutes
  • High yield capacity because of low density
  • Lower electrical resistance
  • Long-term shelf life
  • High capable performance

water blocking tape

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