Mica Tapes

Mica tape is made of mica paper (natural phlogopite, calcined muscovite or synthetic mica) glued special resin to the substrate of glass fiber or polyethylene. To bond mica paper to the substrate epoxy or silicone resins are most commonly used. For this reason they are also called micanite tapes.


  • high thermal resistance - good fire resistance,
  • non-flammable, does not contain asbestos, does not produce toxic gases,
  • very good resistance to electrical breakdown and corona discharge,
  • excellent tensile strength, anti-shock.


  • insulation of electrical cables and coils
  • multi-storey buildings,
  • power stations,
  • industry plants,
  • subways,
  • computer centers,
  • aerospace units,
  • telecommunication centers,
  • ships,
  • military facilities.

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