How mica insulation can help improve safety ?

Mica has property which is unique in thermal, electrical and physical aspects. This can be used as a solution for insulation of varied applications. Mica, as a component in insulation can sustain uptil 1000°C, and 2000 Volts before breaking down. It shows potential protection towards high temperature and voltage circumstances.

Mica is durable, lightweight in nature with absorption capacity nil to moisture. The designs and performance of an instrument or application is not affected by any use of mica in the system. The right amount of mica insulation helps boost efficiency and promote the systems life. The maintenance cost can be exempted and security with safety is guaranteed with mica.

Safety Features with Mica

  • Mica Insulation for Furnace Safety

Industrial furnances operate at high temperature and carries incredible amount of risk along the operation of the system. There is a certain risk of metal penetrating the coil causing furnace to rupture and explode. This carries a constant risk and can be eliminated with help of insulation.

The right phlogopite mica insulation implemented along a layer of non-agnetic, stainless steel mesh as a flexible laminate sheet. This combination can help the furnace with joining the earth leakage detector. It creates a early warning system that intimates the breach in the furnace.

  • Mica Barrier for Automotive Batteries

Sheet mica and mica laminates are the elements used to induce barriers between the battery cells. As well as the insulation is kept intact at the system. The barriers can slow down the thermal process of the system.

Thermal barrier created cannot totally stop the runaway or prevent it in any way, yet the process can be implemented with right insulation solution. This must induce security and safety with potentially saving lives.

  • Mica Appliance as Insulation Solutions

Mica based insulation when used in a prominent amount gives a safety and security parameter to the system of appliances. These systems can be electrical or thermal with strict industry standards.

Mica insulation is used in every appliance including the daily usage home appliances like hair dryers, microwaves, etc, to protect from high temperature and voltages.

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