Mica taping and Insulation on mica tapped conductor - XLPE and LSZH


Mica Taping and Insulation- XLPE

Taping of mica tapes on conductor available as per requirement depending on customer's needs. A variety of types of tape insulated conductors are available which have cost-effective processes as well.

We wrap both Aluminum and Copper wires with customer specified high-quality and reliable mica tapes and follow strict process in terms of number of layers and overlap percentage and maintain quality control to meet customer requirement for cable standard in terms of flame properties. We provide option to make flame test in our facility with updated lab procedures.

Customer can choose overlap from 10% to 50%.

Insulation on mica tapped conductor

Insulation on mica tapped conductor - XLPE and LSZH :

Our company specialized in applying by extrusion process insulation on top of mica tapped conductor, sequenced as below:

- CU / Mica Tape / XLPE or CU / Mica Tape / LSZH and many more

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